MYLARK Non Ear Plug Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headphones Built in Microphone Light Weight




  • This Bluetooth Headphone is without ear plug, hearing in nature way. Non Ear plug and the built-in speaker are closer to the ear and not inside the ear. The sound waves reach ear in nature way, just like you hear sound from outside. No pain or sensation of swelling which comes from ear plug in long time use. The opening of ear hole let you hear outside noise when business, travel, running, and leisure.
  • Lightweight design, Very Light. Weather-resistant carrying earphone pouch keeps this small wireless earpieces is safe storage and effortless transport. Easy to find and carry. Ear hook type, Ergonomic design, headphone affixed to the ear, you can wear in left or right ear. Can be wearied with Glasses. Built-in microphone is for Calls with hand free conversation.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.1 headset compatible with cell phone and iPhone. This Wireless Earphone can connect with two cell phones in 10 meters. English Voice reports incoming message, phone number, low power warring. Automatically switch off long time no-use. Connected back automatically when restarting the already connected smart phones.
  • Using CVC6.0 + DSP audio processing dual noise reduction technology to improve the sound quality and call quality, High-performance lithium battery, 160hours days standby time, 4-6 hours music play, 6-10 hours phone call, 2 hours fast charge.
  • This Bluetooth Headset is a new designing, Sound in nature way, comfortable, healthy wearing in long time. Get rid of the swelling feeling of traditional earplug and the vibration of bone conduction headset. How to connect: Long (Keep) press MFB button(about 8seconds) till (pass by white light flash three times with voice ”power on”) till the white light and red light flashing alternatively and hearing voice “paring”, and then open your Bluetooth switch of cell phone to search


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